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  • Details of your employment and educational background, including relevant dates
  • A copy of your CV to attach to the application
  • A brief statement outlining your motivation for joining a not-for-profit superannuation board
  • Your personal LinkedIn address (not compulsory, but recommended)

Being a trustee director of a not-for-profit superannuation fund, entrusted with stewardship of Australians’ retirement savings, is both a privilege and an immense responsibility. However, applicants should be aware that the legal duties and obligations of trustee directors in the superannuation industry are significant, and require a higher duty than directors of listed companies.

In the not-for-profit superannuation sector, employee and employer organisations have the right to nominate equal numbers of directors to fund boards bringing a strong member focus and understanding to these boards.

Super funds look for suitably skilled directors who demonstrate independence of mind who can work in a collegiate manner on a board with diverse membership. They seek a commitment to strong governance practices and behaviours, with a focus on accountability, transparency and a commitment to pursuing the best interests of members.

Trustee directors are expected to participate in board meetings (usually 10 per year, though this varies from fund to fund) as well as taking on committee responsibilities. An ongoing commitment to ongoing professional development is also required. The time commitment over any given year, depending on the fund, can be in excess of 500 hours.

If you would like to be considered for a trustee director position with a not-for-profit superannuation fund board, please complete the registration steps below. Chairs of AIST’s member funds will then be able to view your expression of interest and your application details on the secure site when they are looking to fill board vacancies.